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01 / 07 / 2022

Terms & Condition

  1. Campaign duration is from 1st of July till the 31st of August 2022
  2. This campaign enables customers a chance to win 50 prizes.
  3. The amount of the first prize will be given in Jordanian dinars (999 JOD * 10 winners)
  4. The value of the second prize will be delivered via Taj Lifestyle vouchers (500 JOD * 12 winners.)
  5. Customers get a coupon to enter the raffle draw provided that the total invoices are 100 JOD or more, as a total purchase of invoices from TAJ stores from date starting till ending day of campaign as announced.
  6. Prizes are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.
  7. Telecom companies, Service providers, Gold coins, Ounces receipts are not acceptable for this promotion.
  8. Each participant is entitled to win one prize upon raffle draw completion.
  9. Sharing the exchange of returned bills for any purchase from TAJ Lifestyle will not be accepted, exclusively original invoices to accept.
  10. All invoices must be presented to the customer care representative to stamp the invoices with (exchange only).
  11. TAJ Gift Vouchers invoices are not accepted, TAJ gift vouchers usage through-out this campaign is not accepted.
  12. Purchase invoices from TAJ must be submitted to the Customer Care representative during the campaign period, purchase, date of issuance of invoices, and replacement should take place within campaign duration.
  13. Fill the name on coupons according the person (the owner of the submitted invoices) whom applying at the information desk.
  14. Customers should provide ID – Passport – Family ID book to customer care representative to receive the prize.
  15. TAJ Lifestyle center management, shops employees, are prohibited from participating in this campaign.
  16. If the winner are under the age of 18 the prize will be accepted by a present/guardian after presenting full proof of identity and all official documentation.
  17. Prizes will be drawn in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  18. prize draw will take place in TAJ Lifestyle 02/09/2022
  19. TAJ Lifestyle has the right to make any modifications to guarantee the success of campaign, after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.